Friday, June 10, 2016

Datin Ong, Malaysian Authentic Bak Kut Teh - Medan

Hola Bonjour!

Last 2 weeks, I've posted on my Instagram that I was back to my hometown for few days because of my lost (read : my grandpa passed away).
Hope he's Rest in peace. #pray

Along my day at Medan, I took some short free time to have family dinner at Datin Ong, located at Centre Point Mall.

I got this review from which they went to this place almost 2 to 4 times, it makes curious about that place which my daddy also loves Bak Kut Teh. 

The place have been designed so oriental and in chinese classic touch which we're also been companied by the Chinese oriental and oldies songs.
Guarantee you, Oldies would like to have fun here #crossfingers

Happy Duan Wu Festival (Duan Wu Jie)

Hello my dearest friends!

Happy Duan Wu Festival, which every year in Chinese calendar we celebrate this festival by having "Bak Cang", a Chinese traditional food which contain a lot of porkie inside.

Duan Wu Jie (端午节), which will always on date 5th on the 5th month (by looking from the Chinese calendar), was been celebrated to commemorate one of the Chinese litterateur name Qu Yuan [屈原].

As the Chinese history said that Qu Yan also one of the famous Chinese minister on the era of King Chun Qiu [春秋].

Qu Yuan advocated some politics views such as strengthening the Royal Military College, Strengthening Economic Empire, Using scribes and sages as well as allied with Qi kingdom against kingdom of Qin.  
But these suggestions are all challenged by the nobility. Qu Yuan was later dismissed from his ministry position and driven out of the capital city of the Kingdom of Chu and exiled to regions and regions Xiang Yuan. 

In the exile, Qu Yuan wrote several works of poetry that showed worrying to the State and its people.
The poems which were very influential among them is "Li Sau [离骚]", Wen Tian [天 问] "and" Jiu Ge [九歌] ". 

In the year 278 BC, Qin Royal Military forces overran the Capital of the Kingdom of Chu. Qu Yuan was very sad, her heart pierced as by torn by a thousand swords.  
But Qu Yuan still did not want to leave his beloved State so that, on the 5th of the 5th month on Lunar Calendar, Qu Yuan wrote his last poem work titled "Huai Sha [怀沙]" then hugging a big rock, Qu Yuan jumped into the river "Mi Luo [汨罗]". Qu Yuan sacrificed himself for the sake of loyalty and love for the country, the State of Chu. 
That's some short history of Duan Wu Jie which I learned from some simple sources from Internet.

Beside of the history, what I interest the most of course the "Bak Cang", right???
(I won't lied, that's what I waited the most every year :D)

Look at that delicious Bak Cang which I bought by online order from Medan.
It's so hard to be found here in Cibubur.

Full of pork, shitake mushroom and also the salted egg yolk inside the steam of the savour/sauteed glutinous rice.
This one cost IDR 35k/ pcs from @siamrecipe (Instagram Profile).

So, does this make you hungry?

Have a good food everyone! #culinarypassion_girl
Au revoir..

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ichi Dough - Medan (CNY Holiday Season)


I'm very sorry due my whole busy month of February and March.
It's been my extravagance routine at my office when my Boss give me a quite huge responsibility to handle some important task and handling some people.
* you know that's quite sucks when you're in position of handling people..ppffttt

Since I've got a little free time on this weekend, let me post about coffee shop at Medan when I visited with some friends on my CNY holiday last month.

Ichi Dough, from the name itself "dough", and yes they have bread store downstairs directly seen when you step in from the entrance door.

The design itself so chic with a lot of wood ornament with excellent brightness from outside and make all of my photos perfectly clear and contrast.

Friday, February 19, 2016

OO Pastries - Medan (CNY Holiday Season)

OO Pastries - Medan (Photo Courtesy from )

OO Pastries was my other Foodie place that I visited when I was in Medan.
Recommended by some of my friends that OO Pastries serves a very goodie Doughnuts and the place was simply designed with wood ornament and the exposure inside was just perfect!

I loved the theme with wood ornament and also green view from the outdoor area, the ambience is just great.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pilastro Cafe & Pilasto Xpress - Medan (CNY Holiday Season)

Hi guys!
Happy Chinese New Year 2016!  

I hope all of you the best of luck, health, and wealth in this year of 2016.
Since welcoming the CNY, I took off from office for a whole week to be spent at my lovely home-town, Medan, with my families and friends.

On that moment, I've got some time to visit some cafe and restaurant.
Street food and home-based restaurant too of course!

My first list was "Pilastro Cafe" which was my favourite coffee place at Medan.
Mr. Ben (one of the PIC...pssttt...) updated me long time before I flew to Medan that they opened the other Pilastro, called Pilastro Xpress.

Why Xpress?
Because the location was in a Shopping Mall which also was the centre of Civic Centre that you can see a lot of employees passing by.
They only have one hour resting time, so Pilastro Xpress serves the xpress food for them and they won't wait so long for lunch :)

 Pilastro Xpress - Sun Plaza LG floor - Medan